Economic Development

Ekonomi Pembangunan UNNES

(Development Economics of UNNES)



Name of Department

Ekonomi Pembangunan S1 (Bachelor of Development Economics)


A-accredited program by BAN-PT


Sarjana Ekonomi (Bachelor of Economy)


To become a center of education, research, and community service to economic science under the principle of conservation with international competitiveness


  1. To establish quality education in development economics with national and international standard.
  2. To execute as well as develop quality researches and community services to society in development economics field under the principle of conservation.
  3. To develop cooperation in development economics fields with domestic and foreign governments’ institutions, communities, and working fields.


  1. To produce competent, nationalist, professional academician, ethical, honest, and responsible graduates in development economics fields based on the development of science and technology in the working fields.
  2. To produce quality researches in development economics which give significances to the development of science and technology as well as to contribute back to society responsibly in development economics.
  3. To initiate synergic cooperation with other domestic or foreign institutions in development economics.

Quality of Graduates

Development economics program guarantees that its graduates possess these following qualities after their completion of study

  1. Behavior
  2. Obedience to God the Almighty with high religiosity
  3. Uphold humanity in doing their tasks based on religion, morals, and ethics
  4. Contributive to the development of society, nation, and civilization based on the value of Pancasila
  5. Uphold civics, with high nationalism as well as responsibility to the nation
  6. Cooperative and aware to social economy as well as careful to surrounding community and environment
  7. Internalize values, norms, and academic ethics
  8. Responsible in working by being independent in showing their skills
  9. Appreciate different opinion raises upon the problems of economy
  10. Confident in showing their opinion
  11. Adaptable in facing problems


  1. Main Skills
  2. Able to review and analyze economic theory of development economics, monetary, international, natural resources, human resources, public sectors, and farming.
  3. Able to review characteristic difference of economy in developing and developed country.
  4. Able to review and relate connection of economy with politics, social science, and law science.
  5. Able to implement and apply qualitative and quantitative methods (mathematics, statistics, and econometrics) to economic analysis
  6. Able to apply economic apparatuses in Micro and Macro economic theory to solve economic problems.
  7. Able to plan and conduct researches to produce alternative problems in development economics.
  8. Able to publish the study and research of economy in a scientific product

3.  Knowledge

  1. Able to review other study supporting economic science
  2. Able to review and relate connection of economy with politics, social science, and law science.

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