Geography Studies

Geography of UNNES

Name of Program

Bachelor of Geography


A-accredited by BAN PT 2013


Sarjana Sains (S.Si) / Bachelor of Science


Becoming a program of geography, which is based on environmental conservation and international reputation in 2025.



  1. To establish an education of geography which concerns on the values of environmental conservation in national level.
  2. To establish researches to improve the competences of geography in national and international level.
  3. To establish a community service program for the society for the downstream.
  4. To develop cooperation in education, research, and community service to the society in geography fields



Geography program of UNNES provided an excellence education in terms of spatial and geographic information system which is still rare in Indonesia. This program provides a curriculum reflecting the real job in geography fields. It also has wide range of cooperation field which is ready to send its students to work right after they are graduated.


Job Opportunities

There are several options of job opportunities for the graduates of Geography

  1. National Security Board of Agrarian and Spatial Development
  2. Plantation

Geography program has a strong collaboration with Sinarmas company and Wings in terms of plantation development.

  1. Surveyor Indonesia
  2. National Statistics Board
  3. National Energy and Human Resources Development Board
  4. Transmigration and Remote Area Development

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