English Education

English Education of UNNES




Name of Program

Bachelor of English Education


A-accredited by BAN PT 2016


Sarjana Pendidikan (Bachelor of Education)


Becoming an English Education Study Program that upholds the values of conservation by promoting independence and professionalism in developing the field of English education that is able to compete on a national and international scale.


  1. Conducting academic education in the field of English education in various levels of education
  2. Develop quality research to produce science and technology updates in the field of English language education
  3. Conducting devotion to appropriate and targeted communities to help solve problems that occur in the field of English language education
  4. Conducting cooperation at local, regional, national and international levels to create a conducive academic culture


English Education Studies Program FBS Unnes has excellence in the field of lecturers who are predicated of Master degree and Doctoral graduates abroad. This program has a competency-based and conservation-based curriculum. This study also always follows the latest development of English learning model. In terms of student potential development, this Prodi also has a variety of extra-curricular activities that provide self-development opportunities for students to become professional English teachers and become English practitioners in various institutions.




Job Opportunities

There are several options of job opportunities for the graduates of English Department

  1. English teacher as a foreign language (TEFL)

English teachers who have the ability to communicate verbally and write actively and fluently supported by the mastery of listening, speaking, reading and writing skills in English with appropriate vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, and culture elements and are able to organize English language learning using active, innovative, creative, effective, and fun approach, methods, techniques, and strategies by applying Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in its learning

  1. Interpreter

Have the ability to translate various types of oral and written text from English into Indonesian and vice versa on an intermediate level by upholding the value of honesty and professionalism.

  1. Educational consultant and teaching English

Have the ability to provide guidance and direction in the field of education and teaching English in a professional and responsible.

  1. The author of the English textbook

Have the ability to write and edit English language teaching scripts in accordance with current issues and characteristics of the English learner.

  1. The managers of English educational institutions

Having the ability to establish and manage non-formal education institutions in English.



Head of the Department

Dr. Rudi Hartono, MPd

Secretary of the Department

Bambang Purwanto, SS, MHum.

Head of Laboratory

Arif Suryo Priatmojo, SPd, MPd.

Chief of Education Program

Galuh Kirana Dwi Areni, S.S., M.Pd

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