Name of Department : Program Studi Biologi (S1)
Accreditation : A, S.K. BAN No. 030/BAN-PT/Ak-XII/S1/XII/2010

A,S.K. BAN No. 0003/SK/BAN-PT/Akred/S/1/2016

(Berlaku sd 11 Januari 2021)

Degree : S.Si.
Vision : To be a superior and meaningful study program in the development and application of biology, especially in the conservation and exploration of biological resources
Mission : 1.       Improving superior human resources through the implementation of quality academic education in the field of biology

2.       Developing  biology through innovative research to cater for the needs of community,

3.       Implementing  research findings for  community

Goals : 1.       To produce human resources that uphold religious norms, have the spirit of Pancasila; be superior and competitive in the field of biological research, biology-based entrepreneurship, able to speak English, master information technology.

2.       To produce innovative biological products in fields related to the exploration and conservation of biological resources.

3.       To provide services to the community in the field of biology and its application

Quality of Graduates : 1.       Highly  Literate skills (Better literacy)

2.       High work skills (High work skill)

3.       Good attitude and personality (Good Attitude and personal value)

4.       Good Biological-based managerial abilities (Managerial biology)


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