Visiting Professor from Japan to UNNES

Visiting Professor is an implementation of cooperation that has been carried out since 2017 between Semarang State University (UNNES) and Hijiyama University and WAKU PRO Japan.

The Rector of UNNES Prof. Dr. Fathur Rokhman MHum accompanied by Vice Rector for Planning and Cooperation Prof. Agus Nuryatin, Dr. Niken Subekti SSi MSi (Expert Staff), Intan Permata Hapsari SPd MPd (Head of International Affairs Office), and Related Officials welcomed Professor Fujikawa Yoshinori on Friday (8/2) at the Rector of the Gunungpati District.

Intan Permata Hapsari reports that Professor Fujikawa Yoshinori has conducted a Visiting Professor for one semester since September 2018 in four study programs, namely Biology Study Program, Science Education, Japanese Literature, and Geography. In addition, Fujiyama also conducted Joint Research with Geography Lecturers.

Prof. Fathur Rokhman said, Visiting Professor aims to improve the quality and quantity of international publications for the academic community at UNNES. Through this activity, the number of UNNES international publications is expected to increase.

Prof. Fathur hopes that this collaboration can benefit both institutions in the field of student exchanges, guest lecturer programs, and joint research programs for international journals.


Translated by Erika Krismayanti