Ganjar Pranowo (Governor of Central Java)

I give my highest appreciation for Unnes as a conservation University, especially on how Unnes preserves the values and norm from the Indonesian ancestors. The more Unnes grows, the better it will be.

Prof. M Nasir (Minister of Research, Technology and Higher Education)

It is well known with its Conservation idea that Unnes is different from any other Universities. I am personally very proud with every awards that Unnes has achieved in Indonesia and in the world.

Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (Indonesia 6th President)

The conservation idea is something that we have to be proud of. Unnes’s green, clean and neat campus really gives me a good impression. As the only Conservation University, Unnes must be an example for other Universities, not only on conserving the environment but also conserving the local cultures.

Kidung Paramadhita (3rd Runner Up Miss Indonesia)

As the student of Semarang State University, I am personally very proud of everything that Unnes has achieved. I hope that Unnes will keep its good works on producing high-qualified graduates

Monika Misiukaite (Darmasiswa Unnes 2014/2015)

I really like studying in Unnes. The environment is just perfect for me, because it is located in suburbs so it’s not as crowded as the city. Unlike the other popular universities in a big city, Unnes is really green and beautiful. What I like the most is the people and the students are friendly, which give me a very good impression about Indonesian especially Javanese.

Kamilka Bruczyńska (Darmasiswa 2013/ 2014)

Studying in Unnes has improved my Bahasa Indonesia. The lecturers are really nice and professional on their field, which helped me a lot since I am majoring Bahasa Indonesia in my home university in Poland. During my stay in Unnes, I also got inspired to write my thesis about Indonesia especially its cultures.

Said Azizov (See Conic 2015)

The first week in Unnes was a little hard, because I didn’t expect that the university is in a suburbs and has so many trees which almost look like a jungle. But then I started thinking that Unnes is actually very different compared to any other university. I have learnt a lot than I expected, not only about the cultures but also about life and friendship.

Lam Yit Sim (See Conic 2015)

I have been to some universities for exchange programs, but I think among all the programs, See Conic is one of those that I would remember for life. I finally created my very own batik, I got the chance to dance the traditional dance, and I also learnt how to play gamelan. Unnes is such a great university that conserve the local values and cultures but still keeping up with the globalization.