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Conservation University with International Recognition



About See-Conic

See-Conic stands for Short Course of Environmental Conservation and Indonesian Culture. The aim of this program is to invite the international university students to learn more about environmental conservation and Indonesian culture at Semarang State University (Unnes). The program has been initiated since 2012 and has been successfully held annually. The program will be held for two weeks. During the program the participants will learn about conservation which covers Bahasa Indonesia class, Traditional Dance class, Culture of the Archipelago,  Biodiversity Conservation, Batik Workshops, Gamelan (Tradational Javanese Music Instruments), Sports, Art Performance, etc. In the following years, we also welcome a group of students from partner universities to join this program as past of the partnership program.


Get to know Unnes

On the next day upon their arrival, See-Conicers will be taken to a campus tour visiting eight faculties in Semarang State Universities. They will be introduced to the Unnes’s learning environment. In supporting the conservation program, the university provides bicycles for See-Conicers to be used as their daily transportation.


Training on Environmental Conservation and Cultural Conservation


See-Conicers will get a live experience on how to preserve the natural conservation as well as cultural conservation. Local students will introduce them to Indonesian culture and involve them in some activities on conservation.


Visiting Tourism Spots


See-Conicers will get opportunities to visit some historical and tourism areas in Central Java such as Borobudur Temple, Lawang Sewu, and outbond activities in Umbul Sido Mukti. The purpose of the activity is to introduce them to Indonesian history and natural landscape as well as to encourage them to promote Indonesian tourism places abroad.


Art & Cultural Performance


Professional lecturers and trainers will train See-Conicers to be able to perform Javanese  traditional music instrument, dance, or theater that reflect Indonesian local tradition. This activity aims to enrich the humanity values of the participants.

Semarang State University  (Unnes) is a conservation university which cares about the preservation of natural resources and culture.


Conservation Programs

  • Biodiversity Conservation
  • Green Architecture and Local Transportation
  • Waste Management
  • Clean Energy
  • Art and Cultural Conservation
  • Paperless Policy


How to Apply

  1. All documents must be completed and scan in PDF format.
  2. All documents should be send via e-mail to io@mail.unnes.ac.id  cc to istiandaru@gmail.com
  3. Application deadline: May 28 2016
  4. The announcement of selected candidates will be posted on the website io.unnes.ac.id and further information related to the program will be sent to the selected candidates’ email.
  5. Program schedule: July 18 2016 – July 30 2016



  1. A copy of valid student card
  2. A copy of valid passport
  3. A copy of TOEFL/IELTS certificate, minimum 500 for TOEFL and 6 for IELTS
  4. Letter of recommendation from the University of the candidates
  5. Completed application form (you can request the application form to betymawarni@gmail.com or istiandaru@gmail.com)
  6. A passport size photograph
  7. Health certificate


Contribution Fee

  1. Contribution Fee:  $550.00
  2. Hosting fee : Free (provided by Unnes)


Terms and Condition

  1. The contribution fee will cover all the living cost and tuition fee during the program.
  2. SSU does not provide round trip fees.
  3. See-Conicers are required to join all of the programs.


Check out our latest video of SEE-CONIC 2015 on YouTube

Shall there be any inquiries please do not hesitate to contact our staff members:

Phone: (+62 24) 76920751

Fax: (+62 24) 8508004

E-mail: io@mail.unnes.ac.id, cc: istiandaru@gmail.com, betymawarni@gmail.com


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