Mathematics Education
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Mathematics Education

Name of Department : Bachelor of Mathematics Education

Accreditation : A (BAN PT 2016)

Degree : Sarjana Pendidikan (Bachelor of Education)

Vision : Becoming a Superior, Meaningful, and Dignified Mathematics Education Studies Program (UBER-BETA).


  1. developing educational activities to produce superior human resources and character in the field of mathematics education, pancasila spirit, and principled conservation;
  2. To develop research activities in the field of mathematics education and its application that is creative, innovative, applicative, ethical, and conservative principles;
  3. Develop community service activities in the field of mathematics education based on environmentally sound technology;
  4. Cooperate on a national and international scale to increase the potential of science in the field of mathematics education.


The Mathematics Education Program is one of three courses in the Department of Mathematics. This program conducts mathematics education with the aim of producing graduates in the field of mathematics education with qualification Bachelor of Education (S1) is superior, meaningful, and dignified and sensitive to environmental conservation. Graduates of Mathematics Education Study Program are also equipped with the ability to research in the field of mathematics education, skills to develop mathematics learning media, the use of ICT in learning mathematics, entrepreneurship, and the ability to manage educational institutions.

Graduate Profile

With the ability of graduates, alumni of Prodi Mathematics Education has worked in various fields of work:

  1. Be a math teacher in junior high school and high school / vocational school both national and international standards.
  2. Become a lecturer in mathematics in Higher Education.
  3. Become a Facilitator in Non-formal Education Institutions (tutoring, private lessons, courses, etc.).
  4. Researchers in the field of mathematics education
  5. The author of a mathematics book.
  6. Manager at educational institution



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  1. Drs. Arief Agoestanto, M.Si., UNNES Best Study Program Leader 2017, Top 10 Best Study Program Leader in Indonesia 2017



  1. Nurseto Nugroho: Participant of GO_Pro! Seminar, Poland, 2017
  2. Arno Johan: Participant of Pals Web TV-Youth Empowerment Community Reporting and Peers Learning, Nepal, 2017
  3. Ulya Layyina: Top 5 Best Novice Speaker Java Overland Debating Competition, National Asian Parliamentary Debate Competition, 2016


Notable Alumni

  1. Jeffry Darmawan, batch 2009: LPDP Scholarship Awardee to University of Nottingham
  2. Zeni Rofiqoh, batch 2010: LPDP Scholarship Awardee to University of Bristol
  3. Agus Sofian Eka Hidayat, batch 2010: LPDP Scholarship Awardee to Monash University
  4. Shofyayuningtyas Lutfiani Yusuf, batch 2010: LPDP Scholarship Awardee to Monash University






Prof.Dr. Kartono, M.Si.

YL Sukestiyarno

Development of “OQALE” Based Reference Module for School Geometry Subject and Analysis of Mathematical Creative Thinking Skills

Google Scholar

Prof. Dr. St. Budi Waluya, M.Si

Stevanus Budi Waluya

Mathematics Literacy on Problem Based Learning with Indonesian Realistic Mathematics Education Approach Assisted E-Learning Edmodo

Google Scholar

Prof. Dr. Hardi Suyitno, M.Pd.

The effect of constructivist learning using scientific approach on mathematical power and conceptual understanding of students grade IV

Google Scholar



  1. PMC (Project Mathematics Club) who trains entrepreneurial students in the field of mathematical props, and graphic design.
  2. A company of props (alat peraga) in creating well-build props.
  3. Developing application based on android about Media education mathematics



Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences

D7 building 1st floor Campus Unnes Sekaran gunungpati, Semarang, Central Java Indonesia 50229

Telepon/fax: (024) 8508032
Email: matematika@unnes.ac.id

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/mathunnes

Twitter : https://twitter.com/matematikaunnes



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