Chemical Engineering
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Chemical Engineering Program


Name of Program: Chemical Engineering Program (Undergraduate Programme)

Accreditation : B-accredited by BAN PT 2014

Degree : Sarjana Teknik (Bachelor of Engineering)


Producing graduates who are able to solve problems in chemical engineering by utilizing mathematics, basic natural science, and other relevant sciences; able to compete globally; conservation-oriented; and has entrepreneurship insight based on technology.


  1. Organize educational process based on real problems in chemical industry and its solution with relevant science.
  2. Implement a learning system that emphasizes reasoning and flexible applications.
  3. Provide conductive learning system to the develop students personalities, characters, and conservation insights.
  4. Provide students with opportunities to practice enterpreneurial based on technology


To produces graduates who have:

  1. ability to apply knowledge of mathematics, chemistry and otehr related sciences, physics, and / or biology.
  2. ability to design and conduct engineering experiments, also to riview and interpret data,
  3. ability to design a system, components, processes, and products to meet certain needs with attention to realistic constraints
  4. ability to well participate in multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural groups,
  5. ability to identify, formulate, and solve engineering problems,
  6. understanding of responsibilities and professional ethics.
  7. the ability to communicate effectively,
  8. widespread knowledge to understand the global, economic, enviromental, and sociocultural impacts of engineering solutions,
  9. awareness of importance of lifelong learning and the ability to run it,
  10. knowledge of contemporary issues,
  11. ability to utilize the latest techniques, skills, and engineering tools which necessary to perform its professional duties,
  12. awarness the importance of conservation values in the pracmatice of chemical engineering professionals,
  13. provision of theory and entrepreneurship practice based on technology.


Learning Outcome


  1. able to masterthe theoretical concepts of natural science, application of engineering mathematics, engineering principles, engineering science, and engineering design requred for the analysis and design of processes, processing systems, and equipment necessary to convert raw materials into valuae-added proucts by the participation of energy and component change;
  2. able to master the principles and techniques of process design, processing systems, and tools necessary to convert raw materials into value-added products;
  3. able to master the latest principles and issues in economics, social, and ecology in general;
  4. able to master the knowledge of communication techniques and latest technological developments

General Skills:

  1. apply logical, critical, systematic, and innovative thinking in the context of development or implementation of science and / or technology in chemical engineering;
  2. to examine the implications of the development or implementation of science, technology or art based on rules, procedures and scientific ethics to produce solutions, ideas, designs, or art criticism as well as preparing scientific descriptions of the results of his studies in the form of thesis or final project;
  3. make decisions appropriately in the context of problem solving in chemical engineering, based on the analysis of information and data;
  4. manage to learn independently;
  5. develop and maintain networks with counselors, colleagues, both within and outside of their institutions

Special Skills:

  1. capable of applying mathematics, science, and engineering principles to solve complex engineering problems in processes, processing systems and equipment necessary to convert natural materials into value-added products (through physical, chemical, and / or biological processes);
  2. able to find the source of engineering problems in processes, processing systems, and equipment necessary to convert raw materials into value-added products through identification, analysis, interpretation of data and information based on the principles of sustainable and conservation-oriented engineering;
  3. capable of conducting research that includes identification, formulation, and analysis of engineering problems on processes, processing systems, and equipment necessary to convert natural materials into value-added products;
  4. able to formulate alternative solutions to solve complex engineering problems on processes, processing systems, and equipment necessary to transform natural resources into value-added products with consideration of economic, health and public safety, cultural, social, and environmental;
  5. able to design the processes, processing systems and equipments necessary to transform natural resources into value-added products with analytical approaches and consider technical standards, performance aspects, ease of application, sustainability, and attention to economic, health and safety, social and environmental
  6. capable of selecting resources and utilizing equipments design and engineering analysis based on appropriate information and computing technologies to perform engineering activities in the areas of processes, processing systems, and equipment necessary to transform natural resources into value-added products

Name / NIP / E-mail



Dr. WaraDyah Pita Rengga, S.T., M.T.

NIP. 197405191999032001

E-mail : wdpitar@mail.unnes.ac.id



Head of  Department


Dr. Megawati, S.T., M.T.

NIP. 197211062006042001

E-mail : megawati@mail.unnes.ac.id


Department Secretary


Dr. WidiAstuti, S.T., M.T.

NIP.  197310172000032001

E-mail : widi_astuti@mail.unnes.ac.id


Head of Laboratory


















Chemical Engineering students already has been respected nation wise. The students were very active and win alot of competition across Indonesia, several of latest the competition are :

  1. 2nd Runner Up Chemical Engineering Competition Universitas Negeri Semarang
  2.  2nd Runner Up Sayembara Karya Tulis Ilmiah, Institut Teknologi Bandung
  3. Finalist Indonesia Chem-E-Car Competition (ICECC) Institut Teknologi Sepuluh November
  4. The winner of Essay Competition UIN Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta
  5. 1st Runner Up Indonesia Paper Competition Universitas Negeri Semarang

This programme also support international competition and international conference participation for students. Several of student’s achievement at international event are :

  1. Finalist of 12th Chem-E-Car Competition 2017 at Universiti Malaysia Pahang

International Conference ICETVESS 2017 at UPSI Malaysia


D. Students’ Body

Only one year this programme has started but several of students already joint international programs :

  1. Industrial visit to Syarikat Air Johor SDN.BHD., MICET UniKL Malaysia and Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
  2. Industrial training from LCSB POM Lepar dan Universiti Malaysia Pahang
  3. Chemical Engineering Car Competition that held by Universiti Malaysia Pahang
  4. Credit transfer to Universiti Malaysia Pahang
  5. International Conference ICETVESS at UPSI Malaysia
  6. Short Course ICIE at Mahidol University, Thailand.

The concern to held education that develop students personalities, characters, and conservation insights is represent by the support from department towards student’s activities such as Chemical Engineering Students Organization, Chemical Engineering Research Club (Chemical Engineering Car and other research activities) , Bussines Club, and other activities that concern at sport and art such as futsal, table tennis, and photography.




Bidang Keahlian



Dr. Dewi Selvia Fardhyanti, S.T., M.T.

Thermodynamics, Separation Technology



Dr. Wara Dyah Pita Rengga, S.T., M.T

Adsorption, Metal Nanoparticle, Bio-gasoline, Polymer Composite



Prima Astuti Handayani, S.T., M.T.

Bio-energy, Essential Oil & Natural Dye Extraction,



Dr. Widi Astuti, S.T., M.T.

Adsorption, Material Science, Water Treatment




Dr. Ratna Dewi Kusumaningtyas, S.T., M.T.

Renewable Energy, Reactive distillation, Exergy



Dr. Megawati, S.T., M.T

Chemical Reaction Engineering, Process Engineering



Astrilia Damayanti, S.T., M.T.




Catur Rini Widyastuti, S.T., M.Sc

Heterogeneous Catalyst, Material Science, Polymer



Rr. Dewi Artanti Putri, S.T., M.T

Food Technology, Biogas Production



Bayu Triwibowo S.T., M.T

Computional Fluid Dynamics, Combustion, Mixing



Dhoni Hartanto, S.T., M.Sc., M.T

Thermophysical Properties and Separation



Ria Wulansarie, S.T., M.T.

Plasma Ozone Technology, Water Treatment, Waste Treatment



Haniif Prasetiawan, S.T., M.Eng.

Reactor Simulation, Scilab and Matlab Process Dynamic Simulation



Gita Novian Hermana, S.T., M.Sc.

Material science



Irene Nindita Pradnya, S.T., M.Sc.

Wastewater treatment


























Studium Generale with Prof. Awang Bono UMS Malaysia

Studium Generale with Prof. Ming-Jer Lee form NTUST Taiwan

World Class Professor : Prof. Abdul Latif Ahmad from USM Malaysia



UMP : Credit Transfer, Field Work & Industrial Visit, Guest Lecture

UTM & UniKL Malaysia: Industrial Visit

UiTM : Short Course In-bound International Community Engagement 2017 at Renewable Energy

Kasetsart University Thailand : Short Course In-bound International Community Engagement 2017 at Renewable Energy

HUST dan CCNU China

KSU Saudi Arabia : Collaboration with  Arabian Journal of Chemistry

University Nottingham, Malaysia Campus: Collaborative Research



E-1 Building 2nd floor , Sekaran Campus, Gunungpati, Semarang, 50229

(024) 8508101 ext 110


(024) 8508009


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