International Study Progams

1. Economic Development ( Bachelor Degree)

The most important benefit from having international curicullum in ecomonic development study progam is to help the students to improve the quality of alumni and make the  best preparation in global competition.  ASEAN Economic Community  (AEC) is a proof of the importance of the students readiness in international competition. The implementation of this international progam has already been supported by the facilities in our department.  Laboratory in our daprtment provides the best references both from  national and international resources. The spirit of the students are reflected by  establishing the study group in our department, called Economic and Business Analysis. That is why international curicullums are the best one to develop the ability studen to compete in international sphere

2. Physical Education ( Doctoral Degree )

Implementing the international curriculum in the postgraduate program, especially in Physical Education program, is the evidence of our commitment in supporting UNNES to be a world class university. Physical Education in Postgraduate Progam is one of the members of Asean Universties Conference for Physical Eduation and Sport Science (AUCPESS). This study program has generated doctors who have good ability in applying their knowledge and skills such as analyzing, synthesizing, designing, and developing concept of physical activities. Our international curriculum is designed based on the qualifications that should be mastered by our students.

3. Javanese Literature (Bachelor Degree)

This year, Javanese Literature study progam opens for the international classes applying the international curriculum. As a study progam with a very strong Javanese atmosphere,  we are offering a number of courses such as Karawitan (Javanese traditional orchestra), Ketoprak (Javanese traditional drama or stage show), Panembrama (Javanese traditional choir) and etc. This study  program provides sets of gamelan (Javanese musical instruments) and a complete laboratory of language. The facilities in our laboratory will strongly support the need of the students including the availability of radio room and easy access to abundant of literary references. This international curriculum really supports the capability of student in applying their knowledge and profossionalism in the workplace.

4. Early Childhood Teacher Education (Bachelor Degree)

The courses in Early Childhood Education Education Study Program will develop the research, study, and training in the field of early childhood education. The curriculum will support the students to be more professional like doing guidance, mentoring, advocacy. For supporting this international curriculum in our study program, we have qualified and experienced lecturers to deliver internationally standardized curriculum we have set out for international students. We provide good facilities to support the students during their study in UNNES such as laboratory, craft gallery and international scientific forum for childhood education, Semarang Early Childhood Research and Education Talk ( SECRET)

5. Law (Bachelor Degree)

The program is well aligned with the vision of UNNES as a conservation minded university with the international reputation. We provide best lectures and good facilities in terms of infrastructure so we are ready to accept both all international and national students. The facilities is expected to optimize student’s learning outcomes. Prospective graduates have been equipped with the integrated character education in each rule of teaching in all areas of the course.

6. Geography ( Bachelor Degree)

Geography study program is now ready to apply the international curriculum and open the international class for both international and national students. This study program is well equipped by a complete and excellent laboratory of geomorphology, biology, land, PJ, SIK, Social and cultural affairs, demographics, regional planning, and microteaching. Most of the graduates from this study program are professionals who work in government and the other companies.

7. Chemical Engineering (Bachelor Degree)

The internationalization program in chemical engineering study program will focus in international standards of accreditation from ABET EAC (Engineering Accreditation Commission) and KURINTI (Core Curriculum) from APTEKINDO. We have a lot of cooperation  with multinational companies which will accommodate our graduates in looking for future working experience. We expect that the quality of this study program will be able to meet international standard and improve the outcomes of the student in the future in order to compete in global competition. The international curriculum in our study program provides the exchange program in particular semester, meaning that our graduates have good qualification and professionalism in applying their knowledge.

8. Mathematics Education (Bachelor Degree)

Considering the increasing number of international students applying for this study program, Unnes is now ready to officially open an international class for Mathematics Education. We have qualified lectures and facilities to support the lectureship and the student’s ability to improve their quality. Our study program also develops the ecotourism of mathematics education, a service for high school students for playing while learning mathematics. We have multimedia laboratory that utilizes Android system for learning.

9. Public Health ( Bachelor Degree)

Public Health is a branch of science that combines skill, ethics, and moral. We improve the health and extend the life of all people through action that prevent diseases by using the community empowerment strategies for healthy living independently. We agree and open the international class and apply the international curriculum in our study program by implementing international standard to generate graduates who have the ability to improve the quality of their knowledge and give the benefit to the

10. Social Science Education (Master Degree)

International classes are based on the international curriculum with the purpose to support the reputation of UNNES in international level. Social Science Education in Master Program supports this idea and accepts both international and national students to study in our department. There are four studies presented to respond the global issues such as analysis of international curriculum, multiculturalism in Asia, Social cultural and environmental transformation and local wisdom of Asia. Our graduates are expected to have the ability to support the application of their knowledge in real life in order to compete in global competition.