BIPA Regular Program

The Regular Program held in 15-17 weeks (1 semester). Each year we have 2 semesters of regular program. The 1st semester begins in the mid week of August or the first week of September and the 2nd semester begins in the mid week of January or the first week of February in every year.

The students are grouped in the beginner, intermediate, and advanced classes based on the result of the placement tests which consists of written and oral tests. In this program, each student is assigned to take 12 credits (equal to 12 hours/week) which consist of language classes (reading, writing, grammar, vocabulary, conversation).

The Tuition Fee for this BIPA Regular Program is USD 850/semester. This tuition fee only covers the academic fees including course books and exercise books.
In addition, BIPA also organizes:

  1. special lectures (on Indonesian economic, cultures, politic, history, literature etc)
  2. village studies,
  3. tutorials with Semarang State University students
  4. cooking Indonesian Foods
  5. workshops (making batik, gamelan, traditional dance, etc).

These additional courses are  tentative, and the students taking these courses have to pay additional fees.
At the end of the course, students will receive certificate of completion and academic transcript signed by the Dean of the Faculty of Language and Art, Semarang State University.

Facilities Provided

  1. drinking (fresh water, coffee and tea)
  2. air conditioned classroom
  3. reading room/library
  4. free internet access

How to apply:

Each student has to send an application letter together with the following papers:

  1. Curriculum vitae (resume, student data)
  2. Bank statements and letter of guarantee indicating financial ability to participate in an  education program in Indonesia.
  3. Copies of academic records and diplomas
  4. Letter of recommendation from applicant’s school or institution
  5. Letter of recommendation from the Indonesian Embassy in the applicant’s country
  6. A letter stating that the applicant will not engage in a job during his/her time of study and will obey the Indonesian laws and regulations
  7. Four passport sized (3 x 4 cm) photographs
  8. A copy of applicant’s passport, showing the applicant’s picture and the date of issue and expiry. The passport must be valid for the entire period of study in Indonesia
  9. Statement of good health from the applicant’s doctor.

All of those papers should be submitted to:

International Office Unnes
Gedung H, 4th Floor
Semarang State University
Sekaran, Gunungpati – Semarang, 50229, Central Java, Indonesia
Phone: +6224 76920751, Fax: +62248508004

E-mail :