Summer Course on Sports and Socio-Culture (SCSSC)

Summer Course on Sports and Socio-Culture (SCSSC) is a non-degree short course program which is implemented as one of the steps in applying measures to preserve both natural and human resources in the of embodiment of the conservation values as well as sports and cultural diversity. The program is designed to promote Universitas Negeri Semarang as a Conservation University at the international level in order to strengthen the internal identity of the university’s academicians.

SSC Course Summer Program will be carried out within a period of two months with three core activities:

  1. Campus Orientation which contains intensive introduction of the campus for 2 weeks;
  2. Core Course, i.e. teaching and learning activities in the field of sports as well as conservation of natural and cultural resources running for 6 weeks;
  3. Self Development Skill, i.e. a supporting activity where the students undertake non-academic activities organized both inside and outside the campus area.

The Core Course which is attended by students is a series of lecture comprising several subjects of sports and culture such as

  1. Study of Indonesian Society,
  2. Traditional Dance,
  3. Batik Art,
  4. Traditional Sport-Game,
  5. Indonesian Language,
  6. Conservation and Heritage,
  7. Sport Psychology,
  8. Badminton,
  9. Health and Food, and
  10. Pencak Silat (Indonesian Traditional Martial Arts).

Students are also given the opportunity to attend lectures in regular classes so that they can grasp the remarkable experience of how the learning process in accordance with their specific disciplines of interest in Universitas Negeri Semarang such as Mathematics and Science, Theories and Principles in TESOL, Sociology, and Swimming for Children. The Core Course will be conducted over a period of 6 weeks and ends with an exam in each course.

Moreover, the students will get the chance to acquire quirky experiences in the activities of Self Development Skill. This activity is a supporting activity undertaken on the sidelines of the students’ free time, such as the homestay program, school visit, sports competition, cultural and heritage excursions as well as art performance and exhibition.