Four Libyan Students Graduated from English Education Master Program of UNNES

Four master degree students from Libya has successfully finished their study at Universitas Negeri Semarang (UNNES). Majoring English Education, the students has reported that they have finished their study within four semester.

In addtion to their relatively short study, the students also obtainted outstanding GPA. . Abdulghani Mohamed Emran Adalah (3,56), Abdelbaset Mohamed Wajej (3,56), Abdussalam Ahadi A Sweba (3,47), and Ali Mohamed Ali Astinaiba (3,64).

For the past few years, UNNES has been gaining quite a fame among countries in the Middle East. It is proven by the reason of why the four students studied at UNNES. The students stated that they got to know UNNES because of some recommendation from their Libyan friends which graduated from UNNES years before.

On Selasa, 23 Mei 2017 | 05:09 WIB