Turkish Student to be the Fastest Graduate at Unnes

Esma Akin (24), a young Turkish student has gained more attention during Unnes First Graduation Ceremony last Tuesday (7/3). She successfully finished her study in the period of 3.5 years and was the fastest to graduate at Unnes.

Esma, who was majoring in Arabic Language Education Program at Unnes, stated that she has desired to be an Arabic language teacher back in her homeland.

“I am a Muslim and want to learn more about Al-qur’an and implement it. By learning Arabic I believe that it is the best way to understand Al-qur’an”, she said.

Born and raised in a religious family, Esma has always been wanting to study in an Islam majority country and Unnes has been her first choice since some of her friends have recommended her.  She also stated that Unnes is beyond as what she had expected, the university is green and quiet and is a perfect place to study. She later added that the foods around the campus are tasty and cheap and it is easy to find rendang, her most favorite food of Indonesia.

After graduating from Unnes, she plans to go back to Turkey to continue for a graduate school and implement what she has learned during her study at Unnes.

On Thursday, 9 March 2017 | 15:18 WIB